Life expectancy and income

It's tragic, but not news, that rich people live longer than poor people. What is news is this new Brookings Institution study that finds that the life-expectancy gap between rich and poor has grown a good bit in recent years.

This article by Sabrina Tavernise summarizes the Brookings findings and notes:

In the early 1970s, a 60-year-old man in the top half of the earnings ladder could expect to live 1.2 years longer than a man of the same age in the bottom half, according to an analysis by theSocial Security Administration. Fast-forward to 2001, and he could expect to live 5.8 years longer than his poorer counterpart. New research released on Friday contains even more jarring numbers. Looking at the extreme ends of the income spectrum, economists at the Brookings Institution found that for men born in 1920, there was a six-year difference in life expectancy between the top 10 percent of earners and the bottom 10 percent. For men born in 1950, that difference had more than doubled, to 14 years. For women, the gap grew to 13 years, from 4.7 years.

Look at this chart:





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