Lack of public awareness may be Affordable Care Act’s biggest problem

The federal government's faulty Affordable Care Act (ACA) website — and similar problems on some state-run ACA websites — may not be the biggest problem facing the ACA's implementation. As this article by Jonathan Easley explains, a new survey conducted by Enroll America, "a nonprofit with close ties to the Obama administration that is aiming to sign people up, found seven out of 10 uninsured people in the United States haven’t visited an ObamaCare online exchange yet. … 81 percent said they didn’t know March 31 is the open enrollment deadline, after which they would be subject to the individual mandate penalty, if they remain uninsured. Sixty-nine percent said they weren’t aware that tax subsidies and financial help might be available for them, and 59 percent said they didn’t know anything about plans that may be available in their state."

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