Industry Lawyer Fact Checks John Oliver on Robocalls

Earlier this week, we posted a link to a John Oliver segment on robocalls.  Eric J. Troutman fact checks Oliver here. Excerpt:

Assertion 5: Robocall Volume Exploded After A Court Decision Overturned the FCC’s Rules Expanding the TCPA

TCPAworld. com Accuracy Score: Liar liar pants on fire

This was the worst part of the bit.

Oliver states that robocalls exploded after ACA Int’l set aside the FCC’s expansion of the TCPA last year. He even throws up a blurry little graph to prove it. * * *

But wait a second. Take a close look at that graph.

What you’ll see is that robocalls actually exploded AFTER the 2015 Omnibus Ruling expanding the TCPA and BEFORE the court set aside those rulings. 

* * *

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