How Uber avoids regulators

The New York Times, in a story called "How Uber Deceives the Authorities Worldwide," reported on Friday:

Uber has for years engaged in a worldwide program to deceive the authorities in markets where its low-cost ride-hailing service was resisted by law enforcement or, in some instances, had been banned.

The program, involving a tool called Greyball, uses data collected from the Uber app and other techniques to identify and circumvent officials who were trying to clamp down on the ride-hailing service. Uber used these methods to evade the authorities in cities like Boston, Paris and Las Vegas, and in countries like Australia, China and South Korea.

The Washington Post has a follow-up story today.

In a different Uber-related story about evading regulators, the New York Times reported last week that "Uber, in defiance of California state regulators, went ahead with a self-driving car experiment on the streets of San Francisco," with some problematic results.

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