Harvard law students boycott Kirkland & Ellis over forced arbitration of employment disputes and non-disclosure clauses

That's the topic of this article by Karen Sloan. Here's an excerpt:

A group of Harvard law students aims to pressure Kirkland & Ellis to drop its use of mandatory arbitration for employees by encouraging their classmates to boycott the firm during the upcoming summer associate recruiting cycle. Organizers of the boycott hope that starving the firm of summer associate prospects at a top law school will force Kirkland to rethink the mandatory arbitration and nondisclosure agreements employees must sign. Those agreements are designed to prevent employees from suing over a variety of matters, including harassment and discrimination. The #DumpKirkland campaign is the latest initiative from the Pipeline Parity Project—a student group at Harvard that seeks to end harassment and discrimination in the legal profession. The group exposed the widespread use of mandatory arbitration for summer associates by law firms last year, and this fall pushed Harvard Law to address its role in the elevation of Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court amid allegations that he sexually assaulted a female acquaintance while in high school.

Go here to learn more about the Pipeline Parity Project.

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