“FTC, Maine Attorney General Shut Down Web of Deceptive Supplement Sellers”

The Federal Trade Commission and the Maine Office of the Attorney General announced three settlements with dietary supplement marketers who allegedly used radio infomercials deceptively formatted as talk shows and print ads featuring fictitious endorsers to advertise supplements purporting to improve memory and to reduce back and joint pain.

The three court orders resolving charges against six of the nine defendants named in the complaint bar them from making similar deceptive claims, and prohibit them from engaging in a wide range of marketing practices that have caused serious financial injury to consumers.

The FTC and Maine AG allege that defendants XXL Impressions LLC, Jeffrey R. Powlowsky, J2 Response LLP, Justin Bumann, Justin Steinle, Synergixx, LLC, Charlie Fusco, Ronald Jahner, and Brazos Minshew made false and misleading claims that CogniPrin: 1) reverses mental decline by 12 years; 2) improves memory by 44 percent; and 3)  improves memory in as little as three weeks and is clinically proven to improve memory; and that FlexiPrin: 1) reduces joint and back pain, inflammation, and stiffness in as little as two hours; 2) rebuilds damaged joints and cartilage and; 3) has been clinically proven to reduce the need for medication in 80 percent of users and to reduce morning joint stiffness in all users.

The FTC's full release is here.

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