FCC ruling addresses robo-calls to cellphones

Interpreting the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, the Federal Communications Commission on Thursday issued a ruling addressing robocalls made to cell phones. The FCC's ruling provide:

• Service providers can offer robocall-blocking technologies to consumers and implement market-based solutions that consumers can use to stop unwanted robocalls.

• Consumers have the right to revoke their consent to receive robocalls and robotexts in any reasonable way at any time.

• If a phone number has been reassigned, companies must stop calling the number after one call.

• A consumer whose name is in the contacts list of an acquaintance’s phone does not consent to receive robocalls from third-party applications downloaded by the acquaintance.

The FCC's press statement is here.

The National Consumer Law Center and other consumer groups issued this statement applauding the FCC ruling.

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