FCC chairman proposes new rule on internet choice, security, and privacy

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler has circulated for consideration by the full Commission a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking "to ensure consumers have the tools they need to make informed choices about how and whether their data is used and shared by their broadband providers." The proposal would apply the privacy requirements of the Communications Act to broadband internet access service.

Chairman Wheeler's fact sheet explains that "Consumers should have effective control over how their personal information is used and shared by their broadband service providers. Telephone networks have had clear, enforceable privacy rules for decades, but broadband networks currently do not. Chairman Wheeler’s proposal to protect consumer privacy is built on three core principles – choice, transparency and security."

The Daily Dot has this summary and reactions.

The proposal will be voted on by the full Commission at the March 31 Open Meeting, and, if adopted, would be followed by a period of public comment.

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