EPA: Volkswagen blowing smoke about clean diesel cars

The Post reports:

In ads, Volkswagen touted its popular Jetta and Beetle diesels as paragons of clean-fuel technology: Buyers were promised a car that was “clean, fuel efficient, and powerful,” according to one 2013 testimonial.

In reality, the claims were based in part on a clever ruse, U.S. officials alleged on Friday. For at least five years, Volkswagen officials illegally rigged their vehicles’ pollution-control systems so they would run cleanly only during emissions tests, while spewing higher levels of pollutants on the highway, the Environmental Protection Agency said.

The EPA and California are on the case. The EPA issued a notice of violation Friday. Fines in the millions of dollars and a recall could follow.

Read the fascinating and alarming details of Volkswagen's "defeat device" here.

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