Engel & Fox: Mick Mulvaney fired us for advocating for consumers

Here, by Suffolk's Kathleen Engel and Notre Dame's Judy Fox. I wanted to post an excerpt, but there is so much in this one that is important that I didn't want to leave anything out. I urge our readers to read it in its entirety.  Mulvaney's decision to disband the advisory boards and the justifications for doing so are like the thirteenth stroke of a clock: it calls into question all that has come before.


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  1. Edwin Bell says:

    The CFPB NEVER had intentions of helping consumers with predatory and illegal debt collection by nefarious criminal. The CFPB has been made aware by reports from many consumers about criminal activities amongst of debt collectors using fraud to make meritless claims using courts.
    The thousands of reports about illegal collections originating from National Mortgage Settlement cases only proves that the agency was being used for person attacks on enemies and not the pursuit of financial or mortgage scheme criminals. The CFPB does NOTHING but play games with the American public because it was only a political tool for the last administration.
    I reported serious money crimes to the CFPB with valid and substantial evidence proving the FACTS. The CFPB sent their typical letter explaining that they have no authority to do anything about financial crimes. These letters sent to consumers explaining how useless the agency was under OBAMA should be enough to CLOSE DOWN the CFPB.

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