Did Equifax execs engage in illegal insider sales of company stock before disclosing the hack of its data?

Read this article by Pete Schroeder. An excerpt:

Thirty-six U.S. senators on Tuesday called on federal authorities to probe the sale of nearly $2 million in shares of credit bureau Equifax Inc by company executives after a massive data breach this summer, and one compared their actions to insider trading. The lawmakers signed a letter asking the Justice Department, Securities and Exchange Commission and Federal Trade Commission to probe about $1.8 million in stock sales by three executives between the time the company learned about the hack and when they made it public. "If that happened, somebody needs to go to jail," Senator Heidi Heitkamp, a Democrat on the Senate Banking Committee, said at a credit union industry conference in Washington. "It's a problem when people can act with impunity with no consequences. How is that not insider trading?"

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