Deadline for Antitrust and Consumer Protection State Legislation Monitoring Initiative Moved to June 10

A few weeks ago, we posted an item headed Announcement for Students and Others:Antitrust and Consumer Protection State Legislation Monitoring Initiative.  The deadline for submissions has been moved to June 10.  For convenience, I've reposted the  announcement below the fold.

The Consumer Protection and Legislation Committees of the Section of Antitrust Law are looking for volunteers to monitor state antitrust and consumer protection legislative developments and when appropriate, draft short legislative updates to post on Connect. 

The volunteer involvement will consist of monitoring antitrust and consumer protection legislation in 3-4 assigned states and reporting relevant developments to the program coordinator (Anna Chehtova) on regular basis.  If the developments are Connect-worthy, the volunteers will proceed to draft short Connect posts.  On ad hoc basis, the volunteers may also contribute with Connect post covering federal legislation. 

For examples recent state legislative posts, we invite Section members who are interested in the initiative to check out the Legislation Committee’s Connect page: (all posts) (New York proposed bill on collective bargaining for doctors) (Hawaii privacy bill) (Missouri and Hawaii bills on fantasy sports)

The initiative is an easy and fun way to get actively involved in the activities of the Section and stay on top of state legislative developments.  If you need any additional information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the program coordinator Anna Chehtova at or Consumer Protection Committee Co-Chair, Svetlana Gans at

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