Creola Johnson on the CFPB and Payday Lending

Creola Johnson of Ohio State has written America's First Consumer Financial Watchdog Is on a Leash: Can the CFPB Use Its Authority to Declare Payday-Loan Practices Unfair, Abusive, and Deceptive? 61 Catholic University Law Review (2012). Here's the abstract:

To stop payday lenders from skirting state laws, this Article asserts that the CFPB should exercise its rulemaking authority to declare many payday loan practices as unfair, deceptive, abusive, and, consequently, unlawful.

The CFPB's imposition of restrictions on payday loans will not end short-term, small-dollar loans in America, but will cause an increased prevalence of responsible lending practices. The results of a recent pilot program implemented by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) demonstrate that lenders can issue small-dollar loans subject to the types of restrictions proposed above and still achieve long-term profitability. Therefore, the CFPB's regulatory intervention will correct the continuing market failure by promoting profitable, yet fair loans by responsible lenders.

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