Consumer Protection – Wyoming Style

From Dee Pridgen:

The Wyoming State Attorney General’s office recently completed its first major in-state enforcement action in recent history against the Sharps Rifle Company. The company was manufacturing a collector's item replica pistol.  Sharps took deposits and payments from customers for the pistols, but never delivered the product due to technical difficulties in the production process.  The company refused to give any refunds.  When the company assets were sold, the new owner refused to take responsibility for the consumer deposits.   A few months after the AG’s office started the investigation, however, an investor bought out the company and agreed to refund all the consumers who made deposits.  The total amount of consumer restitution was $140,000.  Good way to make consumer protection popular out in the Wild West!  In re Sharps Rifle Co., Inc., Case No. 2012-11, Assurance of Voluntary Compliance.

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