“Coca-Cola Funds Scientists Who Shift Blame for Obesity Away From Bad Diets”

That's the title of this article in yesterday's NY Times by Anahad O'Connor. Coke is the world's largest marketer of sugary drinks. O'Connor explains that Coke gives "financial and logistical support" for "a new nonprofit organization called the Global Energy Balance Network." (The group's name — The Global Energy Balance Network — is more inscrutable than, say, The Tobacco Institute.) The new group "promotes the argument that weight-conscious Americans are overly fixated on how much they eat and drink while not paying enough attention to exercise."

But many scientists believe that, generally, exercise has only a small impact on a person's weight and that diet can have a much larger one. O'Connor's article is worth a read.

O'Connor's article reminded me of the video recently released by the Center for Science in the Public Interest, which takes off on Coke's famous "Hilltop" ad to focus on the association between drinking a lot of sugary drinks and diabetes (and all the horrible conditions associated with diabetes). Click here or on the embedded video below to watch that video.


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