CFPB Spring Regulatory Agenda is up and arbitration isn’t on it

by Jeff Sovern

As the American Banker's Kate Berry reported (behind a paywall but available on Lexis), the CFPB's Spring Regulatory Agenda has been posted to the OMB's web site, rather than, as has been the Bureau's practice, the CFPB web site. Here it is:

Prerule stage – Consumer Access to Financial Records, 3170-AA78

Proposed rule stage – Amendments to FIRREA Concerning Automated Valuation Models, 3170-AA57

Proposed rule stage – Property Assessed Clean Energy Financing, 3170-AA84

Final rule stage – Small Business Lending Data Collection Under the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, 3170-AA09

Final rule stage – Adverse Information in Cases of Human Trafficking Under the Debt Bondage Repair Act, 3170-AB12

Nothing on arbitration or payday lending. While the regs on the list are all important, so far it looks as if Director Rohit Chopra will make much of his mark in ways other than by promulgating regulations. That means many of his initiatives may not last much longer than his service as director.

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