CFPB director reports to Congress on agency’s activities and yes, its funding

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Director Rohit Chopra appeared before the U.S. Senate Banking Committee Wednesday, and the U.S. House Committee on Financial Services on Thursday, to testify on the CFPB’s semi-annual report to Congress. The hearings took place a few weeks after the Supreme Court confirmed that the Bureau’s congressionally-designated funding via the Federal Reserve was, in fact, constitutional. Although Committee members peppered Director Chopra with questions about the Bureau’s work, allowing him to report on medical debt, the repeat offender registry, open banking, artificial intelligence, among other topics, others preferred to continue to argue over the Bureau’s budget. They debated new theories on whether the Federal Reserve has the required “earnings,” to fund the CFPB. Prof. Jeff Sovern recently weighed in on this blog. What is certain and proven true in these hearings and out, and throughout the CFPB’s existence, is the relentless and cynical effort of its opponents to undermine it.

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