California’s new Consumer Free Speech Act: Coming to a State Near You?

by Ted Mermin (Executive Director, Public Good Law Center), guest blogger

As Scott Michelman's earlier post explained, the new California law barring nondisparagement clauses in consumer contracts promises to restrain a pernicious practice before it spreads widely.  That in itself is a significant victory well worth celebrating.  But here's hoping (and suggesting) that the new law also serve as a model for other states.  

The law should be replicable in other jurisdictions.  It faced no official opposition and ultimately passed both houses by wide bipartisan margins.  After all, who wants to vote against a law that would keep people from being sued for expressing their opinions about something they bought or warning other consumers about potential product safety problems?   

We're excited about the law's passage in California.  And we're willing to share some of that excitement. Why not bring a little bit of free speech for consumers to a state near you?

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