Book recommendation (updated)

We do consumer law and policy here. Most of what we discuss is about laws and policies that will help or hurt consumers in this or that fairly modest way.

But the tax bills passed by the House and Senate, or any compromise in between, if enacted and signed by our loathsome president, would harm middle- and low-income people in massive ways, particularly as time goes on. The tax cuts and giveaways (and the repeal of the ACA mandate that, by the way, will cause increases in health insurance premiums) deliberately balloon the deficit. No one who has studied the issue or history truly believes that the tax cuts would pay for themselves in job and business growth translating into massive tax revenues at lower rates. No one. It's never happened before on the scale that would be necessary to create revenue neutrality, and it won't happen now. Surprise, surprise, we will then be told that we must further cut education, social welfare, jobs, infrastructure repair/update. There's nothing new in this sickening, despicable tale. Read David Stockman's 1986 Triumph of Politics: Why the Reagan Revolution Failed, and you will see what I mean. Or get a taste by viewing the book's prologue on Amazon.

UPDATE: This speaks for itself.

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