As Trump and Pruitt prepare to roll back the Obama era fuel-economy standards, will EPA go to war with the Nation of California (which wants to stick with the more stringent standards)?

Many of our readers no doubt have read that Scott Pruitt (EPA head and climate change denier) is planning to scrap the Obama Administration's fuel-economy targets aimed at making cars more fuel efficient (and, in turn, having some positive effect on climate change). This article by Evan Halper explains that California plans to stick with the higher standards — see chart below — which could set off a legal and political war between California and the feds. As Halper notes, "California's rules apply to more than a third of cars sold across the country, and automakers are loath to create multiple production lines to comply with conflicting rules." In other words, California may have the power to effectively dictate the rules no matter what Pruitt does.


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