Analysis of CFPB complaint database

In a recent analysis of complaints submitted to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau about financial services, the consulting firm Deloitte found that mortgage-related issues are the basis for most of the 94,000 complaints posted so far and that customer misunderstanding is often the problem.

The Washington Post has a short write-up of the findings and notes that, although "less-affluent people
bore the brunt of subprime loans and the foreclosure wave that followed, which
some banks still haven't made right," the Deloitte analysis "shows that people in wealthy neighborhoods complain a lot more
about all aspects of the mortgage process, from brokers to servicers to
underwriters." An interesting finding, but difficult to know what conclusion to draw from it.

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  1. Jeff Sovern says:

    If I remember correctly, the literature on which consumers complain shows that as consumer income rises, so does the tendency to perceive problems and voice complaints.

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