American Banker: 3 questions to make or break Kraninger’s CFPB nomination

Here, by Victoria Finkle (free content). Excerpt:

Perhaps the biggest hurdle Kraninger will encounter is demonstrating a familiarity with the consumer protection laws she would be tasked with overseeing, given her lack of industry experience.

Some in banking continue to speculate whether the White House tapped her for the post as a serious bid — or to keep Mulvaney in the acting director position for as long as possible. Thursday’s hearing could help shed light on that answer.

* * *

Early evidence suggests Kraninger maintains a critical view of the agency, particularly as it was run under former Director Richard Cordray.

“Ms. Kraninger expressed the same concerns I have about some of the [CFPB’s] past behavior and detailed her intent to reform the agency,” Sen. Pat Toomey, R-Pa., a senior member of the Banking Committee and a longtime critic of the agency, said in a statement after meeting with the nominee earlier this month.

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