Am. Banker: What to expect from Chopra’s CFPB

Here (behind paywall but available on Lexis), by Kate Berry. The headline has the summary: "Harsher rules, more enforcement." Excerpt:

"The CFPB has been extraordinarily active under acting Director Dave Uejio, who is not acting like a typical acting director," said Jeff Naimon, a partner at the Buckley law firm. "He knows how things work and how the administration wants him to work. He's very effective."

* * *

"The CFPB is going to have a singular focus on racial equity looking at issues from redlining to appraiser discrimination," said Richard Horn, co-managing partner at the law firm Garris Horn and a former CFPB senior counsel and special advisor. "There's going to be a lot more fair-lending enforcement and more enforcement against executive owners of companies. That's the new mindset."

Meanwhile, GOP senators who voted against Chopra's confirmation on the Senate Banking Committee are reportedly complaining that he has not answered questions they posed in a letter sent well after the confirmation hearing. Law360 has the story (possible paywall).

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