ALI announces principles project on high-volume, low-stakes civil cases, including debt collection, eviction, foreclosure

From the announcement:

The American Law Institute’s Council voted today to approve the launch of a Principles of the Law project that will address a serious challenge facing state courts: the adjudication of high-volume, high-stakes, low-dollar-value civil claims. The project will be led by Reporter David Freeman Engstrom of Stanford Law School.

These types of claims, which arise in such areas as debt collection, evictions, home foreclosure, and child support, comprise a significant proportion of state court cases. These types of cases raise unique issues as they are frequently uncontested, resulting in high numbers of default judgments, and typically feature at least one party without a lawyer.

* * *

Engstrom [explained]: “The project will define the issues raised by these claims and attend to the fundamental, and often competing, process values of efficiency, accuracy, and fairness that are implicated in their adjudication. It will articulate principles for procedure and case management, court administration, the use of technology, the supply of and demand for legal help, institutional design, and dispute prevention to help courts and policymakers chart a wise path forward.”

Looks like they are still looking for Associate Reporters, and Advisers to the project

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