AFR: Sham Poll Tells Lobbyists What They Want to Hear

The Consumer Bankers Association has been touting a poll it commissioned from Morning Consult finding, as the CBA headline put it: Most Votes in Key Battleground States Support Structural Reforms to CFPB. Or, to put it another way, most voters when asked if they prefer a single director or a bipartisan commission, prefer the bipartisan commission.  But here's some of what Americans for Financial Reform has to say about it:

“This poll is a quintessential example of a survey that has been designed to produce a specific result — one that is at odds with everything else we know about public opinion on consumer protection and Wall Street reform,” according to Celinda Lake and Daniel Gotoff of Lake Research Partners.

Here’s something it proves beyond any doubt: if you write a poll question artfully, you’ll get the answer you’re after. Put the label “bipartisan” on just about anything, for example, and people will say they’re for it.

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