2019 List of Schools Teaching Consumer Law

by Jeff Sovern

Five years ago, I posted a list of law schools teaching consumer law, as compiled by my then-research assistant Preston Postlethwaite.  I've received requests to update the list, and so I asked another research assistant, Sara Krastins, to do so. Sara examined the web sites for the 204 ABA-approved law schools (she couldn't check the web sites for Inter-American, the Judge Advocate General's School, Lincoln Memorial, the Marquette clinics, Pontifical Catholic of Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico, Saint Louis, or Texas Southern). According to Sara, as to consumer law offerings,  78 schools had only a class (38.24%; percentages are of the full 204 schools, including the eight schools for which Sara couldn't find information); 13 schools had only a clinic (6.37%); 17 schools had both a class and a clinic (8.33%); and 108 schools had either a class or a clinic (52.94%).  In all, 95 schools offered a class and 30 have a clinic.  That is a dramatic improvement over what we found five years ago, when 53 schools offered a basic course, 21 had a consumer law clinic, and 12 had both a clinic and a basic course. There are, however, two caveats: first, so far the 2019 list is based solely on web sites, and web sites are sometimes inaccurate.  Last time, as this time, we started with the web sites, and people wrote in with additional information which we then used to update the list.  I'm pasting in the list after the jump; if you see anything that is incomplete or inaccurate, please let me know via the comments.  Second, some schools have on their web sites information about the current school year while others have information about next year's classes. so the list may represent an amalgam of courses taught in both the 2018-2019 school year, and the 2019-2020 year. Though these numbers are a big jump over what we saw last time, I'm hoping that readers of the blog report still more schools teaching consumer law.

School Consumer Course Offered Name of Course Professor Name Adjunct or Full-Time Clinic Professor
ALABAMA yes Consumer Protection Maurice Shevin Adjunct no  
ALBANY no       no  
AMERICAN yes Consumer Financial Services Law Andre Negroni and Jerry Buckley   no  
APPALACHIAN no       no  
ARIZONA no       no  
ARIZONA STATE  no       no  
ARIZONA SUMMIT yes Consumer Law (online)     no  
ARKANSAS – Fayetteville  no   Jim Longino Adjunct    
ARKANSAS – Little Rock  yes Consumer Protection Law     Consumer Protection Clinic and Advanced Consumer Protection Clinic Amy Pritchard
BALTIMORE yes Consumer Law     no  
BARRY UNIVERSITY no       no  
BAYLOR yes Consumer Protection     no  
BELMONT UNIVERSITY yes Tennessee Attorney General Field Placement-Consumer Advocate and Protection Division     no  
BOSTON COLLEGE  yes Consumer Rights Litigation     no  
BOSTON UNIVERSITY  yes Consumer Financial Services; Law of Consumer Markets Craig W. Kaylor; Rory Van Loo   Consumer Debt Practicum Thomas Beauvais Dougan
BRIGHAM YOUNG  no       no  
BROOKLYN no       New York Civil Court Consumer Law Externship Sidney Cherubin
CALIFORNIA – Berkeley  no       no  
CALIFORNIA – Davis  yes Consumer Protection and Financial Regulation     no  
CALIFORNIA – Hastings yes Consumer Finance and Bankruptcy; Consumer Transactions; Consumer Law     no  
CALIFORNIA – Irvine yes The Consumer Financial Protection  Bureau     Consumer Law Clinic; Advanced Consumer Law Clinic Stacey Tutt
CALIFORNIA – Los Angeles  no       no  
CALIFORNIA WESTERN yes Consumer Law     no  
CAMPBELL  yes Consumer Law     no  
CAPITAL yes Consumer Bankruptcy     no  
CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY OF AMERICA  yes Consumer Finance Seminar     no  
CHAPMAN no       no  
CHARLESTON yes Consumer Law     no  
CHICAGO  no       no  
CHICAGO-KENT  no       no  
CINCINNATI no       no  
CLEVELAND STATE yes Creditor-Debtor Rights Law (formerly Consumer Law)     no  
COLORADO  yes Consumer Protection Laws and Policies     no  
COLUMBIA  no       no  
CONCORDIA no       no  
CONNECTICUT  no       no  
CORNELL no       no  
CREIGHTON  no       no  
DAYTON no       no  
DENVER yes Consumer Financial Protection Law     no  
DePAUL  yes Consumer Banking (Course offered Fall 2018 but not spring, professor no longer listed in faculty directory) Silvia  Unclear no  
DETROIT MERCY no       no  
DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA no       Housing and Consumer Law Clinic Jasmin Mize
DRAKE yes Consumer Banking and Payments Law; Consumer Law Internship; Consumer Protection     no  
DREXEL yes The Law of Consumer Protection     no  
DUKE  yes Consumer Bankruptcy and Debt     no  
DUQUESNE  no       no  
ELON yes Consumer Protection     no  
EMORY no       no  
FAULKNER no       no  
FLORIDA yes Consumer Law     no  
FLORIDA A&M yes Consumer Law     no  
FLORIDA COASTAL yes Consumer Law     no  
FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL yes Law of Consumer Credit     no  
FLORIDA STATE yes Consumer Law     no  
FORDHAM yes Consumer Litigation Clinic Seminar     Consumer Litigation Marcella Silverman
GEORGE MASON yes Consumer Protection Law     no  
GEORGETOWN yes Consumer Debt and Bankruptcy Seminar, Consumer Finance; Consumer Protection Law Seminar     no  
GEORGE WASHINGTON yes Consumer Protection Law     no  
GEORGIA  yes Consumer Law     no  
GEORGIA STATE yes Consumer Protection; Consumer Law Externship The Federal Trade Commission     no  
GOLDEN GATE yes Lawyering: Ecommerce and Product Counseling; Ecommerce and Product Counseling: a Consumer Protection Perspective     Externship: Consumer Rights Clinic  
GONZAGA yes Consumer Law     no  
HARVARD  no       Predatory Lending and Consumer Protection Clinic Roger Bertling, Toby Merrill, Eileen Connor
HAWAII  yes Debtors' and Creditors' Rights     no  
HOFSTRA yes Consumer Transactions     no  
HOUSTON yes Texas Consumer Law McElvaney Unclear Consumer Law Clinic Richard McElvaney
HOWARD yes Contemporary Developments: Consumer Law (offered in Fall 2016, no later data available) Bruckner Unclear no  
IDAHO no       no  
ILLINOIS yes Consumer Finance; Clickwrap, Browsewrap and Shrinkwrap: Current Developments in Consumer Contracting in the Digital Age     no  
INDIANA UNIVERSITY – Bloomington yes Seminar in Commercial Law: Consumer Credit     no  
INDIANA UNIVERSITY – Indianapolis  yes Consumer Law; Elder Law (includes consumer protection in description)      no  
INTER-AMERICAN  Unverifiable          
IOWA no       no  
JUDGE ADVOCATE GENERAL'S SCHOOL Unverifiable (website wouldn't let me access)          
KANSAS yes Consumer Law (not offered in Fall 2019 though)     no  
KENTUCKY yes Seminar: Advanced Issues in Commercial, Consumer, and Bankruptcy Law Christopher G. Bradley Assistant Professor of Law Does not list individual clinical programs  
LA VERNE  no       no  
LIBERTY no       no  
LINCOLN MEMORIAL Website Down          
LEWIS AND CLARK yes Consumer Financial Law & Regulation P. Olstad Unclear no  
LOUISIANA STATE no       no  
LOUISVILLE no       no  
LOYOLA – Chicago yes Consumer Law Unlisted   no  
LOYOLA – Los Angeles no       no  
LOYOLA – New Orleans  no       no  
MAINE no       no  
MARQUETTE no       Unaccessible, must have a login  
MARYLAND yes Consumer Protection Seminar Louise Carwell Unclear Consumer Protection/ Attorney General's Office Clinic Michael Millemann
MASSACHUSETTS  yes Consumer Rights; Massachusetts Consumer Protection     Predatory Lending Clinic Roger Bertling
MCGEORGE  no       no  
MEMPHIS yes Consumer Law     Elder Law Clinic Donna S. Harkness
MERCER no       no  
MIAMI yes Consumer Protection Peter Halle Unclear no  
MICHIGAN STATE yes Consumer Law     no  
MICHIGAN no       no  
MINNESOTA yes Consumer Protection Law Ann Burkhart   Consumer Protection Clinic Prentiss Cox
MISSISSIPPI COLLEGE yes Consumer Law     no  
MISSISSIPPI no       Elder Law Clinic Catherine "Ginny" Kilgore
MISSOURI no       no  
MISSOURI – Kansas City yes Consumer Protection     no  
MITCHELL | HAMLINE no       no  
MONTANA  yes Consumer Protection; Economic Development and Consumer Protection in Indian Country (previously offered as a summer course)     no Faculty Supervisor TBD
NEBRASKA no       Site link broken  
NEVADA   no       no  
NEW ENGLAND LAW | BOSTON no       no  
NEW MEXICO yes Consumer Law Seminar     no  
NEW HAMPSHIRE yes Consumer & Commerical Law; Consumer Law & Bankruptcy     no  
NEW YORK LAW SCHOOL no       no  
NEW YORK UNIVERSITY  no       no  
NORTH CAROLINA yes Consumer Law     Consumer Financial Transactions Clinic K. Elengold
NORTH CAROLINA CENTRAL no       Consumer Financial Transactions Clinic Pamela Thombs
NORTH DAKOTA yes Consumer Protection Law     no  
NORTHEASTERN yes Consumer Law     no  
NORTHWESTERN no       no  
NOTRE DAME  no       Economic Justice Clinic  
NOVA SOUTHEASTERN no       Consumer Protection Internship Clinic Michael Flynn
OHIO NORTHERN no       no  
OHIO STATE yes Consumer Law Douglas Whaley Full-time no  
OKLAHOMA yes Consumer Finance Law     no  
OKLAHOMA CITY no       no  
OREGON yes Consumer Law Elizabeth Tippett Associate Professor no  
PACE  no       no  
PENNSYLVANIA yes Consumer Financial Regulation Natasha Sarin Assistant Professor no  
PENNSYLVANIA STATE-Dickinson Law no       no  
PENNSYLVANIA STATE-Penn State Law no       no  
PEPPERDINE no       no  
PITTSBURGH yes European Community Consumer Protection Law     no  
PUERTO RICO Unverifiable          
QUINNIPIAC no       no  
REGENT no       Civil Practice Clinic Kathleen McKee
RICHMOND no       no  
ROGER WILLIAMS no       no  
RUTGERS yes Consumer Law (only at the Newark campus)     no  
ST. JOHN'S yes Consumer Protection Jeff Sovern Full-time Consumer Justice for the Elderly Litigation Clinic Ann Goldweber and Gina Calabrese
SAINT LOUIS Website Down          
ST. MARY'S yes Consumer Protection Law     Civil Justice Clinic Genevieve Hébert Fajardo
ST. THOMAS (Florida) yes Consumer Law     no  
ST. THOMAS (Minnesota) yes Consumer Law     no  
SAMFORD yes Consumer Protection     no  
SAN DIEGO  no       no  
SAN FRANCISCO no       no  
SANTA CLARA no       Katharine & George Alexander Community Law Center Unclear
SEATTLE yes       Consumer Advocacy Clinic Bryan Adamson
SETON HALL yes Consumer Law     no  
SOUTH CAROLINA yes Consumer Law     no  
SOUTH DAKOTA no       no  
SOUTH TEXAS-HOUSTON yes Consumer Transactions     no  
SOUTHERN UNIVERSITY  yes Consumer Law     yes  
 SOUTHERN ILLINOIS  yes Consumer Protection     no  
SOUTHERN METHODIST yes Consumer Law     Civil/Consumer Clinic Mary Spector, Eliot Shavin, and Lisa Montes
SOUTHWESTERN  no       no  
STANFORD  no       no  
STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK-Buffalo no       no  
STETSON  yes Consumer Law     no  
SUFFOLK  yes Consumer Law     no  
SYRACUSE no       no  
TEMPLE  no       The Elderly Law Project Debra Kroll
TENNESSEE  no       no  
TEXAS  yes Consumer Protection (Deceptive Trade Practices Act) Manuel H Newburger Listed as "Faculty Assistant" no  
TEXAS A&M  yes Consumer Law     Community Legal Access Clinic Luz Herrera
TEXAS SOUTHERN Website Down       no  
TEXAS TECH yes Consumer Law     no  
THOMAS JEFFERSON no       no  
TOLEDO no       no  
TOURO  no       no  
TULANE  no       no  
TULSA  no       no  
UNT Dallas  yes Consumer Law     no  
UTAH no       no  
VALPARAISO  no       no  
VANDERBILT no       no  
VERMONT  no       no  
VILLANOVA no       no  
VIRGINIA  no       Consumer Law Clinic Caroline F Klosko, Rachel Nadas, Elaine N Poon
WAKE FOREST  no       no  
WASHBURN  no       Civil Litigation Clinic Unable to find
WASHINGTON AND LEE yes Consumer Protection     no  
WASHINGTON  yes Consumer Law Paula Selis Unclear no  
WAYNE STATE  yes Consumer Law     no  
WMU THOMAS M. COOLEY yes Consumer Law     Debt Relief Clinic Victor H. Veschio
WESTERN NEW ENGLAND  yes Consumer Protection Justin Dion   no  
WESTERN STATE  no       no  
WEST VIRGINIA  yes Consumer Protection Law     no  
WHITTIER  no       no  
WIDENER-Delaware  yes Consumer Law & Litigation     no  
WIDENER-Commonwealth  no       Consumer Law Clinic  
WILLAMETTE yes Consumer Law     no  
WILLIAM AND MARY  no       no  
WISCONSIN  no       Consumer Law Clinic Sarah Orr
WYOMING  yes Consumer Protection Dee Pridgen   no  
YALE no       no  
YESHIVA no       Civil Litigation Clinic Leslie Salzman


0 thoughts on “2019 List of Schools Teaching Consumer Law

  1. Edwin Bell says:

    It’s all fine and well to exonerate Law Schools offering consumer law for people interested in pursuing an honorable career assisting and defending consumers. The inherent problem with defending consumers is overcoming the corruption that exist within the Courts and clerks offices. Attorneys are filing massive amounts of disingenuous or fraudulent claims in every court in Maryland and across the country. Judges are rubber stamping either default judgments or summary judgments that are unlawful according to UCC rules, controlling law, and state debt collection laws. Until the controlling bodies (Appeals Courts or the State Bar) end fraud being filed openly and notoriously by corrupt attorneys nothing will change for consumers. The illegal debt collection scheme that has inhibited the Maryland Judiciary is akin to the actions and behavior of a criminal syndicate. As long as judges and corrupt attorneys are becoming fabulously rich off of the backs of fraud used against innocent victims with the backing of the courts nothing will ever change. Hopefully a new young bred of honest attorneys who care about the quality of our justice system and our society will fight the evil posture of the justice system’s current demeanor towards consumers who are being railroaded with fraud by courts that are obviously biased and prejudice.

  2. Adam Levitin says:

    For G’town there are three full-time, tenure-track faculty who teach in the area: Anne Fleming, David Hyman, and Adam Levitin. Note that we have a former Director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection on the faculty, but he doesn’t teach in the area!

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