World Wide Web Consortium Tracking Protection Working Group Text

Here, along with an explanatory memo.  We had previously blogged about this Do Not Track effort.  Here's the abstract:


This document contains the decision of the Tracking Protection Working Group of the World Wide Web Consortium, as issued in July, 2013 by the co-chairs, Peter Swire and Matthias Schunter, as well as a detailed Explanatory Memorandum for that decision.  In response to 27 comments and a large previous public record, the decision addresses the question of what base text to use for the Do Not Track Compliance Specification, and concludes that the draft put before the group in June (“June Draft”) will be the base text rather than the proposal submitted by the Digital Advertising Alliance and other group members (“DAA Proposal”).  Part I of the Explanatory Memorandum provides history and background of the process to date, with emphasis on the issues that differ between the two texts.  Part II is called “Do Not Target,” and discussing the definition of “tracking,” the means of user choice concerning targeted online advertising, and related topics.  Part III is called “Do Not Collect,” and addresses issues including minimization of data collection and the use of unique identifiers.  Part IV is called “Data Hygiene.”  It examines a range of controls that a company may apply to de-identify data and reduce the risk that data is revealed without authorization.  Parts II to IV include discussion of many of the comments submitted under the July 12, 2013 deadline concerning which base text to adopt.  Part V addresses additional comments submitted, responding especially to comments that supported the DAA Proposal to become the base text.

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