Trump Names as FCC Chair Ajit Pai, Critic of FCC TCPA Interpretations

Here. Pai, a Republican, has been critical of FCC interpretations of the TCPA (see here and here). Here's the perspective of ACA International, an industry organization :

Of particular importance to the credit and collection industry, Pai has fiercely objected to the FCC’s more recent interpretations of the TCPA spearheaded by Wheeler.  Authoring a hard-hitting dissent of the July 2015 TCPA Declaratory Ruling and Order, Pai highlighted the rampant litigation abuse spawned by the TCPA and laid out in detail the legal failings of the majority’s ruling.  In fact, during the oral argument for ACA’s consolidated appeal of the 2015 TCPA Ruling, Pai’s dissent was repeatedly referenced.

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