Trump Admin’s 5 big changes to the Affordable Care Act

NPR reported today on 5 ways that the Trump Administration has undermined the Affordable Care Act.

Among the takeaways:

Overall, [Professor] Nicholas Bagley says, the ACA has been "pretty resilient to everything, so far, that the Trump administration has thrown at it." Some of Trump's efforts to hobble the law have been caught up in the courts; others have not gone into effect. And, despite efforts to lure people away from the individual insurance marketplaces or to make ACA policies unaffordable, "the marketplaces have proved themselves to be remarkably resilient," [Professor Sabrina] Corlette says.

Abbe Gluck, director of the Solomon Center for Health Law and Policy at Yale, cautions that though the law has proven to be stronger than expected, all these actions by the Trump administration have, indeed, had an effect.

"These actions have been designed to depress enrollment — they have depressed enrollment," she says. "They have increased insurance prices." Also, the uninsurance rate for U.S. residents also went up in 2018 for the first time since before the ACA was passed.

The article is here.

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