Terry Gross is shocked by contracts of adhesion

Check out this Fresh Air interview with NYT Supreme Court correspondent Adam Liptak. Starting at 14:40, it gives more air time and more detail about economic justice issues and corporate power than most coverage of the Court. Liptak mentions Italian Colors by name, explains why class actions are important, and describes contracts of adhesion. As Liptak rightly notes, this is the most pro-corporate Court since World War II (I'd say since the '30s). It's good to see coverage of the Supreme Court's recent Term not skip over the Court's steady stream of troubling pro-corporate decisions. Of course, most interviewers aren't as astute as Terry Gross and don't have 40 minutes to work with. Still, if anyone needs a primer on economic issues and class actions before the Supreme Court, this is a good one. It's about 4 minutes long.


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