Supreme Court denies cert in BP oil spill case

Today the Supreme Court denied BP's petition seeking review of a case interpreting the company's multi-billion dollar settlement over its 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The company claimed (both in court papers and via a public relations campaign) that it is improperly being forced to compensate losses unrelated to the spill.

Read more from the Washington Post here.

0 thoughts on “Supreme Court denies cert in BP oil spill case

  1. Larry Lapuyade says:

    BP never CLEANED up the Gulf spill. They hid the spill by using COREXIT which broke the blobs of oil into extremely small particles making it look like it was not there and at the same time making it almost impossible to clean up the close to microscopic oil droplets. They should be fined and put out of business! The only thing Corexit did was turn a solvable problem into an unsolvable one!

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