Suit challenges CFPB’s authority to regulate legal services industry

As explained in this National Law Journal article by Zoe Tillman,

In the latest constitutional challenge against the Consumer
Financial Protection Bureau, the agency was accused today of
overstepping its authority by attempting to regulate the practice of law
and collect personal financial data. A complaint filed in the
U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia accused the agency of
trying to force a company that provides support services to lawyers to
turn over confidential personal financial information. The plaintiffs
also claimed the bureau was weighing enforcement actions over fee
arrangements in bankruptcy matters that would "usurp" the authority of
state bar associations. More broadly, the lawsuit included claims
that the bureau's structure was unconstitutional because it operated
too far outside the oversight of the executive, legislative and judicial
branches. Previous challenges to the bureau focused on President Barack
Obama's recess appointment of bureau director Richard Cordray, but the
Senate confirmed his appointment last week.

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