Student-debt strike calls attention to practices of Corinthian Colleges

Last month, we told you about the CFPB's settlement with Corinthian Colleges over its debt-collection practices and advertising practices, among other things.

Last week, NPR's "Here and Now" reported on a debt strike by fifteen students of Corinthian Colleges who are refusing to pay back their federal student loans because of Corinthian's misleading advertising about the value of the education is provides. Hear the story (including an interview with one of the strikers) here. The students argue that Corinthian or its investors, not the students, should be responsible for paying the loans back.

Meanwhile, as noted in the same story, "This week Senator Elizabeth Warren … proposed a bill that would allow most students to refinance their debt at government subsidized rates, which are now just under four percent."

An earlier Washington Post story about the strike is here.

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