Profile Defenders Defends Its Fraudulent Techniques

by Paul Alan Levy

Profile Defenders, which has been linked to a pattern of defrauding courts to get material removed from the Internet altogether or, at least, suppressed in search engine results, has refused to comment directly on the spate of articles describing its modus operandi.  However, a press release issued yesterday suggests the direction of its defense:  they are a bulwark against cyberbullying.

But if its all about cyberbullying, why not give notice to the speakers so they can defend themselves against judicial suppression?

0 thoughts on “Profile Defenders Defends Its Fraudulent Techniques

  1. Matthew Chan says:

    From what I can see, he believe HE is the victim of “cyber-bullying.”
    On October 10, 2016, he writes that “Writers and journalists typically use their powers for evil and to hurt good people.” I have not heard this sweeping statement from anyone even from people who have a cynical view of mainstream media.
    I guess that is what Mr. Levy’s and Eugene Volokh’s (and their “ilk’s”) primary purpose in life must be based on Richart Ruddie’s comment.

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