Paper on Defending Foreclosure Actions

Marcia Johnson of Texas Southern and Luckett Anthony Johnson have written Defending Foreclosure Actions, 49 Real Estate Law Journal 516 (2012). Here's the abstract:

With the rising incidences of residential foreclosures, many homeowners are overwhelmed by the foreclosure process and anticipated costs and often opt to vacate the premises without offering any defense. The American justice system rests on the premise that no person will be deprived of their liberty or property without due process. Procedural due process requires that a person have notice of the charges against them as well as a reasonable opportunity to defend against them. Reasonable opportunity is circumvented when the defendant is effectively without the means to defend. This is especially offensive to our notions of justice when the defendant has legitimate bases for defense but is effectively denied the opportunity to urge such defenses because of finances. This article is written to examine the defenses available to homeowners facing foreclosure and to provide a practical approach to defending against foreclosure.

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