Mulvaney Attacks CFPB Leakers–But What Was Leaked?

by Jeff Sovern

Lately, I've been thinking to myself about how so little has leaked out on what's going on at the Bureau, especially compared to the White House. But that didn't stop Acting Director Mulvaney today from attacking CFPB staff for leaking, according to Sylvan Lane in The Hill. Here's an excerpt:

Mulvaney . . . singled out “a small group of people” aligned with “the Elizabeth Warren view of the world that lending money for profit is evil.” He said those CFPB staffers have leaked misleading information with the goal of disparaging his efforts to steer the bureau in a new direction.

He didn’t specify what information the leaks revealed, but he appeared to reference media coverage of his decisions regarding CFPB probes, staffing and organizational structure.

"There's been a track record of them being wrong and we think intentionally so," Mulvaney told reporters after his remarks. “Many of the leaks that have come out of the past have been proven to be false, and I encourage everybody to consider that."

I wonder what he was thinking of when he said the leaks have been wrong. Reports that the Bureau dropped its Equifax probe? Oh and his description of Elizabeth Warren's view of the world is rather revealing, even if it is hyperbole. At least, I hope it's hyperbole.


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