More trouble with Cheerios

Last month, we told you how General Mills had to recall over a million boxes of Cheerios that were labeled gluten-free but in fact were not.

Now the popular cereal has a new product with a new problem, according to the Post: although its special "Protein Cheerios" increases slightly the amount of protein, it also increases eight-fold the amount of sugar. Not a healthy trade-off. Moreover, Protein Cheerios misleads customers into thinking the increase in protein is greater than it is by doubling the size of the "serving size" over which it is giving nutrition facts as compared to the serving size of regular Cheerios.

In response, earlier this week, the Center for Science in the Public Interest filed a lawsuit for false advertising, unfair business practices, and more. Read the Post article, "This is how gullible General Mills thinks Americans are," here. (HT: Samantha Hoilett.)

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