More Deregulatory Wishlists for New Administration

The Trump transition team has indicated that the new administration's strategy for Dodd-Frank is likely to be piecemeal dismantling rather than wholesale repeal, according to multiple reports, including this one by NPR.

Meanwhile, the auto industry hopes the new administration will roll back targets for fuel efficiency, according to the Hill, while the Credit Union National Association has called on the CFPB to put a moratorium on all new rules (except, of course, rules that would reduce regulatory requirements), also according to the Hill.

This is the time of year for writing letters to Santa Claus, after all.

Proposals for legislation, of course, remain subject to potential Senate filibusters, and modifying mileage standards would require agency rulemaking. The CFPB also seems unlikely to stand down completely.

Nonetheless, with the same party controlling the Presidency and the Congress, a deregulatory agenda will definitely be ascendant, and it's not surprising that the advocates of that agenda may feel a bit like kids in a candy shop this week.

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