Medicaid expansion is slowly expanding

The Supreme Court's 2012 rejection of a challenge to Obamacare had a downside for the law: because the Court deemed the law's expansion of Medicaid to additional low-income individuals "coercive" to the states (even though, as Justice Ginsburg pointed out in her dissent on that holding, the government would pick up most to all of the bill), the Medicaid expansion became optional for the states. Initially only about half of states opted in.

But the number of opt-ins is growing. With the decision last week of Alaska's governor (a political independent) to opt his state in over Republican objections, the number of Medicaid-expansion states has hit 30.

The NYT has the story on Alaska, where the expansion will take effect in September absent action by the state legislature (which the article suggests is unlikely). FamiliesUSA has a handy chart showing the status of every state here.

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