Looking for Help on FDCPA Survey

by Jeff Sovern

I am working on a survey designed to determine consumer awareness of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act validation notice.  The plan is to show respondents a debt collection letter that includes a standard validation notice, and then ask questions to see how aware they are of the notice and how they understand it.  I would love to run the questions past people who litigate FDCPA cases or are otherwise knowledgeable about the validation provision. If you are willing to take a look at the survey and comment, please email me at sovernj @ stjohns dot edu.


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  1. karen lynn kelly says:

    Dear Mr. Sovern:
    I am willing to answer your survey, as a consumer with some knowledge of FDCPA. I am hoping that maybe you can help my family in return by promoting my petition at MOVEON.ORG and CHANGE.ORG, regarding FDCPA. Here it is:
    Third party debt collectors via collection attorneys are scamming the system and lining their own pockets, at the cost of hard working American families. These collection attorneys know the law much better than any consumer. Many American families are in debt, whether it be medical debt, or credit card debt, due to job loss, illness or other hardship. Furthermore, original creditors have already received a tax incentive, or some other incentive, when they charged off the debt, then
    subsequently received payment when they sold the debt for pennies on the dollar. It should be ILLEGAL for third party debt collectors to collect the whole amount of the debt seeing that the true amount of their loss is actually what they paid for debt, which is pennies.
    That’s why I created a petition to Richard Cordray, CEO @ CFPB, Governor Rick Snyder, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (MA-1), and President Barack Obama, which says:
    “Third party debt collectors hiding behind a veil of collection attorneys are breaking the law, obtaining default judgments in courts all across the country, against consumers for debt that is not even validated. They are scamming the system, filing false affidavits and defrauding the courts! Once a judgment is obtained, is some states, this empowers them to: Levy your home, garnish bank accounts, garnish tax refunds, garnish wages! Collection attorneys also add on fees, fees and more fees to the Judgment. Most judges assume that these collection attorneys have already done a reasonable investigation of the debt, but they have NOT!
    Collection attorneys are awarded Judgment with no validation, no title, no assignment, no contract even attached to the complaint! Most of the time by default. They will stop at nothing, nothing to get the money owed, even though third party debt collectors have paid pennies on the dollar for the debt, they are awarded Judgment on the whole debt. The GREED IS ABOMINABLE! UNJUST ENRICHMENT! “Will you sign my petition? Click here to add your name:

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