Last chance to weigh in on FCC’s net neutrality roll-back

A Washington Post column reminds us: "Today marks your final opportunity to submit comments to federal regulators who want to undo the government's net neutrality rules for Internet providers, in a move that could have sweeping implications for the future of the Web. The push to weaken or eliminate the rules has been met with praise from industry officials who argue that deregulation will support renewed investments in America's Internet networks, while consumer groups have slammed the proposal as a handout to big businesses and a potential threat to consumer choice. The looming deadline reflects the end of the Federal Communications Commission's public comment period — a weeks-long window during which regular Americans can weigh in on agency proposals — on the issue."

What is net neutrality, again? It is the idea that Internet providers (Comcast, Verizon, etc.) shouldn't be allowed to arbitrarily manipulate Internet content traveling across their networks. Instead, all websites, applications, and services should be equally accessible to the consumer and not slowed down, blocked or subjected to extra fees before it reaches your screen.

The full piece, including a primer on what the issue is and why it matters, is here.

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