Jon Stewart’s hilarious, incisive, influential run

…comes to an end tonight with his last episode hosting the show. In addition to covering issues of war and peace, politics, and the media, Jon Stewart has frequently covered issues of importance to consumers.

If you're feeling nostalgic for all things Stewart (as I am today), here's a collection of some of his pieces our blog has flagged over the years:

On MERS and wrongful foreclosures

On Dodd-Frank

On Congress and science

On accountability for Wall Street, as compared with Occupy Wall Street

Interviewing CFPB head Richard Cordray

On campaign finance

On the JPMorgan mortgage securities settlement

And here's one of numerous interviews with financial reform champion (and now Senator) Elizabeth Warren. (In her first appearance, here, she cogently explains the needed components of the financial regulatory system.)

Thanks, Jon, for bringing much-needed attention and outrage to these issues and many others and for making us laugh as you did it.

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