Interesting court-access decision

We blog frequently here about access-to-the-courts issues, such as standing, class-action status, pre-dispute mandatory arbitration, and so forth. So, I thought our readers might be interested in this decision issued today by Judge James Boasberg of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia holding that an advocacy group (Scenic America) has standing to challenge a guidance document of the Federal Highway Administration authorizing use of digital billboards on interstate highways. The court found standing, among other reasons, because fighting the agency's policy would divert the advocacy group's resources away from other priorities. The court also held that the agency's policy constituted challengeable "final agency action" under the federal Administrative Procedure Act. (The case was handled by lawyers and law students at the Institute for Public Representation at Georgetown Law (where I work), led by staff lawyer and graduate fellow Thomas Gremillion.)

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