Inaugural episode of Consumer Law and Economic Justice Podcast now available

Here. The first episode features a conversation with Abbye Atkinson, professor at Berkeley Law, about her article, Borrowing Equality, published in the Columbia Law Review, and the relationship among credit, debt, social relationships, inequality, and what should be done to pave the way for a better world for borrowers.

The podcast will broadcast conversations with consumer scholars and practitioners about their work and the latest consumer and economic justice issues. The interviewers will be students. This episode’s interviewer is Blair Hendricks, a third-year student at St. John’s Law and president of the St. John’s chapter of the National Association of Consumer Advocates.

2 thoughts on “Inaugural episode of Consumer Law and Economic Justice Podcast now available

  1. Edwin Bell says:

    Recently the new Director of the CFPB Rohit Chopra assumed his position to lead the Bureau in a new direction of enforcement against companies or financial institutions who violate financial regulations. It has become apparent that the governments revolving door of employees into the public sector is a fairly serious conflict of interest. One recent noticable move was CFPB Thomas Ward (departs to represent creditors) who recently departed the CFPB who was in charge of enforcement against financial institutions violating the rules. In many instances companies were not only violating financial regulations, but were also committing criminal acts severly injuring consumers. Therefore, the CFPB realized a serious deficiency in ethics rules governing current and exiting employees. This is a link to the updated rules to combat what must be viewed as ethics violations
    Protecting consumers must be the CFPB’s top priority.

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