In praise of Honda on safety

Our site does its share (we hope!) of calling attention to dangerous and/or exploitative corporate practices, so it's only fair that we also mention when a company seems to be looking out for its consumers.

Brian's post earlier today discussed a looming showdown over airbag recalls, with the manufacturer, Takata, refusing NHTSA's demand to broaden the scope of a previous recall over defective airbags. But Honda decided to act on its own and extend the recall nationwide for its own cars with potentially defective equipment, reports the Associated Press.

Earlier this year, DOT promulgated a safety standard requiring rearview cameras in all new cars by 2018. Even before DOT issued the long-delayed rule, Honda announced it would meet that goal by 2015, reported Auto News.

This is not to endorse every decision Honda makes (to read about a 2012 consumer-unfriendly move in litigation, for instance, see here). But it's worth pointing out these two laudatory examples of a company taking voluntary measures to enhance its customers' safety.

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