If Bankers Aren’t Worried About the Regulatory Environment, Why is Congress Working on a Bill to Reduce Regulatory Burden for Banks

by Jeff Sovern

Politico's Morning Money newsletter reports:

BANKERS NOT AS WORRIED BY REGS — At the Consumer Bankers Assoc. annual conference, CBA Live, attendees were asked about their top worries. The regulatory environment was tops from 2012-2016. On Monday it barely cracked four percent.

Which of course raises a question about why Congress is working on a bill to reduce the regulatory burden banks face. For links to coverage on the bill, go here and here. Credit Slips has written about it and David Dayen's coverage has been excellent. 

UPDATE: According to Alan S. Kaplinsky's blog post at the Consumer Finance Monitor, CBA conference attendees were asked to identify their top concerns and the choice described as "[t]he regulatory environment" by Politico was “navigating through a new regulatory environment.” As Alan points out, that is somewhat different from the regulatory environment (Alan sees it as more different than I do). 

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