Hudson Cook Partner Worries that Trump Administration Will Miss Chance to Name Permanent Pro-Industry CFPB Director

by Jeff Sovern

Hudson Cook partner Allen Denson has written an op-ed for the American Banker, Clock's ticking: White House should name a permanent CFPB director, in which he expresses fear that the Democrats will capture the Senate in the fall, with the result that Democrats will have a say, through the confirmation process, on whom the next director will be.  The longer the president takes to name a director, the later the confirmation process will conclude, and Denson's concern is that it will last until the new Congress takes over. I'm not sure how realistic the fear is: Democrats are defending far more seats than Republicans in the Senate this fall (which makes a Democratic Senate less likely), the new Senators would not take their seats until January, and Democrats could not use the filibuster to delay confirmation. But it's nice to dream.

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