FTC seeks comment on combatting tech-support scams and adding click-to-cancel requirements

The Federal Trade Commission is proposing to extending protections against telemarketing tricks and traps to small businesses and strengthening safeguards against other pernicious telemarketing tactics aimed at consumers. That notice seeks comment on whether the FTC should amend the Telemarketing Sales Rule to prohibit misrepresentations in business-to-business calls, and whether the FTC should amend the rule’s recordkeeping provisions to require telemarketers to retain information in seven new categories, such as keeping recordings of robocalls. The notice of proposed rulemaking is here.

Through a separate notice, the agency is seeking comments on updates to the Telemarketing Sales Rule that would protect small businesses against business-to-business telemarketing schemes, address tech-support scams that target seniors, and extend click-to-cancel requirements to telemarketing.The advanced notice of propose rulemaking is here.

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