FTC mails $200,000 in checks to Wal-Greens customers who bought Wal-Born supplements

The FTC reported yesterday 7,979
checks averaging $27.42 each to consumers who bought "Wal-Born" dietary supplements sold
by the pharmacy chain Walgreens are now being mailed. The FTC’s press release

2010, Walgreens settled FTC charges
that it deceptively advertised
that the supplements could effectively prevent colds, fight germs, and boost
the immune system.

company touted the similarity of Wal-Born supplements to those sold by Airborne
Health, Inc., which settled similar deceptive advertising charges by the FTC in

checks, which total $218,750.00, must be cashed within 60 days after they are
issued.  The amount consumers receive depends upon the amount of claims
they submitted that were approved The redress is capped at $30 per consumer.

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