Fast track moves forward; more on the TPP debate

We wrote yesterday about the failure of fast-track trade authority to proceed in the Senate. Today saw a reversal of fortune, with fast-track moving ahead along with two other bills meant to temper Senate opposition. The Washington Post reports.

Also worth a read on the subject are two articles this week covering the cases for and against the TPP. Here's Sen. Warren and Rep. DeLauro explaining why the TPP is dangerous: it gives corporations the power to undermine American consumer and worker protections. Here's coverage of Pres. Obama making his competing case by arguing, first, that people should trust him because he supported Wall Street reform, and second, that trade is a generally good thing. To my mind, the two sides are talking past each other. The trade proponents never seem to meet squarely the objection that bills like the TPP do more than just reduce tariffs — they put U.S. laws at risk.

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